surfite pendant on extra long chain

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Really stunning large pendant on long chain….. the surfite is from Hawaii 🙂

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Surfite cabochon set in sterling and fine silver on extra long sterling silver chain. (approximately 34 inches). The ‘stone’ comprises various coloured stripes and clear transparent parts.

Surfite is a byproduct of handcrafted surfboards. The shaped surfboard is put on a stand and layers of resin are applied, Excess resin drops off the boards and the layers slowly build up over time. With this piece the layers are opaque red, purple, blue, green, orange and white and transparent.

The surfite comes from a surfboard factory in Hawaii! 🙂

The pendant is approximately 6 cm x 2 cm

If you would like it on a different chain, please ask Justine

Posted in a Chilli Designs gift box (and bag if required)

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